Pianist Andy Dellenoy can add musical flair to your reception or restaurant with his piano with wonderful easy-listening music. Live music for occasions where style and quality is required.

Andy knows how to 'play' the audience in his own professional way with an appropriate and modest attitude.

A white mini grand piano, stylish clothing and of course wonderful lounge, easy listening and easy jazz music.

For these stylish events, a white piano is used (without text on the side) which is rustically and attractively lit by Andy's show lighting.


During these performances, Andy adapts his repertoire. He brings wonderful listening music from various styles of music. Music that your guests can really appreciate during their night out.

Popular pop songs, but in easy-jazz style

The well-known Sinatra and crooning songs

Bachata's, rhumba's, soft reggae

Oldies and newbies, from the 60ties up to now

Wonderful Dutch or American listening songs

Andy is not a classical pianist. Do not expect Bach and Mozart ;-)

Andy's Pianoshow is particularly suitable for staff parties, galas and award ceremonies, networking drinks or product presentations.
People may request requests themselves, provided it fits the atmosphere. The clothing style is usually 'cocktail or black-tie', depending on the occasion. The piano is white with no text on the side, and the music volume is often set to 'background music'.

This pianoshow is perfect during your reception

The people are welcomed and Andy plays catchy music in the background. Your guests will immediately find themselves in a stylish atmosphere. This could be the reception of a wedding, but also the reception of a corporate event.

This pianoshow is perfect in your restaurant

Live musical enhancement in a restaurant. While the guests are enjoying dinner, Andy plays appropriate music. The right music at the right time. At these moments, Andy is often told afterwards that it was just like a 'CD' that was playing, but no... it was played and sung live!

Corporate events and networking meetings

The Andy Dellenoy Pianoshow can really be an asset to your corporate event. After all, it is stylish, but it is also modern. The white piano with LED lighting with live music and singing. The piano can even be personalized with your company logo. The trendy "Event Branding".

Naturally, the style and volume are such that you and your guests can easily talk to each other. And if the situation allows it, the choice of music can be adjusted to, for example, the 'piano bar' concept. Super fun when several wines have already disappeared and things can be a bit more 'casual'.

Home of Andy Dellenoy

Home of Andy Dellenoy

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