With the Andy Dellenoy Pianoshow you can transform your venue into a real live pianobar.

Bringing all the fun that comes with it. A wonderful sing-along party where your guests can request their own songs at the pianist/entertainer.
Hence the slogan: Sing-Dance-Party!

A crazy red piano with a podium-animal pianoplayer.

If you want a crowd that sings along, fills the floor, and have a crazy party!


The format of a piano bar is; that really all types of music can be played. From blues to rock, from Hazes to Avicci. The repertoire will vary considerably, but one thing will always remain: ... singing along, party, dancefloor fillers and entertainment! Most of the music will consist of the most famous sing-alongs with hits from then and now.

Popular pop songs and dancefloor fillers

Party music and Sing-a-Longs

Specialized in Dutch (party) songs

Oldies and newbies, from the 60ties up to now

American Pianobar Sing-a-Longs

German Oktoberfest Schlagersongs

Perfect for Dutch, American and German tourists

Latin - Reggae - Rock - Rock&Roll - Blues - Country - And much more!!

Interacting with your customers will keep them interested throughout the gig. Andy always looks (and listens) to your audience and immediately adjusts the music accordingly. When the audience sings a song, Andy can even jump in and play along. Occasionally Andy uses various attributes such as wigs, hats, and the like...

A running tap and lots of fun

As a bar owner, you want 2 things: A trendy café with the best music, and a running tap! ... Andy can arrange the music for you. The Pianobar concept is wonderfully surprising and above all; fun! It is not without reason that the slogan is "Sing - Dance - Party". As a result, the audience's experience will be very high, which will make them want to "stay a while longer". And that is important for your tap!

A red piano for the pianobar

During 'pianobar' performances the red piano is almost always used, but a white 'party piano' is also possible. The red one is usually chosen because it fits more in with the pianobar concept. Andy Dellenoy's choice of clothing is 'leisure'. And the volume is set to "quite present ;-) ".

Home of Andy Dellenoy

Home of Andy Dellenoy

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