The Andy Dellenoy NL Pianoshow is the perfect entertainment for Dutch events.

As Andy is Dutch, he knows all the Dutch partysongs and sing-a-long songs. Partyyy!

The piano is festive red, white and blue, and of course Andy's clothes are also adjusted.

Add to that Andy's inexhaustible energy on stage, his ability to interact with the audience and the party is complete.


Andy sings and plays the latest hits from the Netherlands. Such as songs by Django Wagner, Stef Ekkel, Frans Duyts, John West, Drukwerk, Normal, Rowwen Hèze, the après-ski hits, and of course all the 'golden oldies' and the well-known Nederpop songs.

Sometimes a top 40 song or a wonderful old-fashioned Rock & Roll is played, but that only happens if it fits the situation. But usually a song like "Johnny B. Goode" also does very well at these performances.

Popular Dutch pop songs and dancefloor fillers

Dutch Party music and Sing-a-Longs

"Waar is dat feestje? - HIER is dat feestje!"

Dutch Folk and Sing-a-longs

Dutch Pop songs - "Nederpop"

But also well-known English sing-a-longs

Perfect for Dutch Events like Kingsday

Also expect: ABBA / Elvis / Latin / Rock&Roll / I will survive / Sweet Caroline and so on...

This is where the name "FeestPiano" (PartyPiano) really comes to its right as Andy knows how to build a Dutch Party.

This show is regularly booked in combination with well-known Dutch artists. Andy's Pianoshow is often the 'red thread' of the party evening. Andy makes sure that the room is already 'warmed up' before the well-known artist arrives, and that the mood does not drop when the artist has finished.

Home of Andy Dellenoy

Home of Andy Dellenoy

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